Q:  My golf cart has been 'sluggish'.  Does this mean I need new golf cart batteries?
A:  Not necessarily.  Scientist have recently discovered a method where in some cases your golf cart batteries can be rejuvinated and brought within 95% of their original strength saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars in golf cart battery replacement cost!

Q:  How long does the golf cart battery renewal process take?
A:  It only takes 48 hours!

Q:  Are ALL golf cart batteries candidates for the renewal process?
A:  No.  Not all golf cart batteries can be renewed.  If the golf cart battery has a short circuit, it has reached the end of it's life cycle.

Q:  If one golf cart battery can not be renewed, do I have to replace ALL my batteries?
A:  No.  We can renew the golf cart batteries that are candidates for the process and only replace the defective ones saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars!

Q:  Do you remove the batteries from the golf cart to test them?
A:  No.  We can test the batteries safely in the golf cart without removing them.

Q:  Do I have to bring my golf cart to your facility?
A:  No.  For a small (usually $19.95 pick up and delivery) fee we can safely pick up and delivery your golf cart in an enclosed trailer for your convenience and security.

Q:  The Villages have requirements for golf carts to be equipped so they are road worthy.  Do your carts come equipped for The Villages?
A:  Yes.  All our golf carts come equipped and ready to go with our Golf Cart 'Villagers' package meeting all the requirements of The Villages and ensuring you a turn key, road worthy, and safe golf cart.

Q:  Are your golf carts inspected before they are sold?
A:  Yes.  All of our golf carts are subjected to a stringent 36 point inspection before they are sold.  All golf carts must meet this inspection or they will not be sold!

Q:  Are you a full service facility?
A:  Yes.  Whether you need minor wiring or a complete engine out service we are equipped for any size project.

Q:  Do you sell new golf cart batteries?

A:  Yes.  We are an authorized dealer for Trojan, Interstate, and Deka golf cart batteries and service all of The Villages Florida and surrounding areas.